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Greetings! My name is 王振华 (Zhenhua WANG), a.k.a. 黎明灰烬 (Jackwish), who serves Nvidia in TensorRT team currently.

Before joining Nvidia, I travelled across Alibaba, Cambricon and Intel, where I worked on machine learning systems and virtual machines, for projects like TVM, Caffe, Android, Houdini, etc. You may find the details on LinkedIn.

In 2015, I received Master degree from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China), where I worked on hardware-assisted hetengerous virtualization in microprocessor lab (which incubates Loongson). I graduated from Southeast University (Nanjing, China) in 2012.

I have been maintaining the 「黎明灰烬 博客」 since 2006, discussing about the method and theory behind the software systems that I have put efforts in. In my opinion, removing the barrier between end user (or developer) of cutting edge artifical intellengece (AI) technology is significant. Because, there is a long path ahead for AI software system to walk down today. In addition, things about how we think and our mind and some thoughts on media and creation has been logged - hoping that won’t make people very disagree with me.

I am the author or maintainer of projects including:

You may also find me on GitHub, LinkedIn, 知乎. Or reach me directly via [email protected].

「黎明灰烬」(Jackwish) is my nickname on web, which is pretty old-school in such a day that people are using their birth names.



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